Dr. Darin Ward

My name is Darin J. Ward; I am the orthodontist and chief-dishwasher at Okotoks Orthodontics, and I LOVE WHAT I DO! Relationships with people are what matter most to me and as my grandpa put it, I strive to be “a lifter” rather than “a leaner” in life in my interactions with others.

In everything I do, I believe in motivating and empowering people achieve their goals with integrity, respect and positive enthusiasm! The amazing team I have put together at Okotoks Orthodontics motivates and empowers the people we serve by providing exceptional service in a caring environment that says “Its all about you.”

I believe that the beauty of a person’s smile is more than what you see on the surface! In every stage of life, smiling helps to build a positive self-image, creates confidence, and is a vital form of positive human expression.
I believe that every person has a unique potential that I can help them actualize by educating them on lifestyle changes to preventively help them reach their goals as well as providing orthodontic (straight teeth), Orthopedic (straight bones) and Orthotropic (straight growth) care to kids ages 2 to 72.

I invite you to experience Okotoks Orthodontics and find out why “NOW is YOUR time to SMILE!”

Dr. Ward’s Education and Achievements:

1998: Graduated after 4 years of dental school at Baylor College of Dentistry, and completed an advanced education in General Dentistry.
2003: Achieved a fellowship in the academy of general dentistry
2006: was accepted into the specialization program in orthodontics, at the University of Colorado, and graduated after 27 months and earned designation of Certified Specialist in Orthodontics.

Specializing in Orthodontic Care:

Dr. Ward is a fellow of the Royal Collage of Dentists of Canada (FRDC) and is a member of The Canadian Association of Orthodontics (CAO), the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), the Alberta Dental Association and Collages (ADAC), and the American Academy of Gnathologic Orthotropics (AAGO).

Awards and distinctions:

Rudolf Hanau Excellence in Prosthodontics Award
National Society of Dental Practitioners Ethics Award
Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry
President of the Lane County Dental Society, 2005-2006
President of C.O.R.E.- Comprehensive Orognathic Excellence Study Group, 2005-2006
Member of the Oregon Dental Association Board of Trustees, 2004-2006

Community Service:

Started the first dental clinic in the Serbu/Lane Country Juvenile Correction Facility (Still in operation today)
Volunteered for NW Medical Teams mobile clinic , 2005-2007
Participated in the Oregon Dentistry for the Disabled Program, 1999-2007
White Bird Community Clinic Volunteer, 1999-2007
Dentistry From the Heart, 2013-2014

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Dr. Darin Ward
Okotoks Orthodontics
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