Braces + Dentistry for Children and Teens

Breathe Easier With Better Orthodontic Health

Many people think that orthodontic treatment only treats an aesthetic problem. While the confidence that comes from straight teeth and a beautiful smile benefits your child throughout their life, orthodontics is about more than looks. When a child’s facial structure is guided properly, there can be lasting positive effects on the way they breathe. Airway orthodontics in Kansas City, Liberty, and Raymore, MO, can provide your child with a lifetime of healthy breathing.

What Is Airway Orthodontics?

Airway orthodontics seeks to address the underlying cause of obstructed breathing so your child can enjoy a lifetime of optimum breathing and improved overall health. We will check for different factors, such as:

  • Improper formation of jaw or airway components that may limit airflow
  • Compensating for limited airflow while breathing
  • Improper habits, such as accelerated breathing, tongue placement, or body posture
  • Any influence that poor breathing has had on the shape, size, or position of the jaw and face
  • Other reasons that airflow may be restricted that are better addressed by another doctor

If we see any issues that could be helped with orthodontic treatment, we will discuss our recommendations with you during your appointment.

The Way We Breathe Is Important

There is a wide spectrum between the states of “breathing” and “not breathing.” It is possible to breathe in a way that optimally benefits your overall health, and it is also possible to breathe such that it forces your body to compensate for limited oxygen levels.

If your body regularly struggles for proper oxygen levels, you can develop long-lasting health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. In younger children, chronic mouth breathing has been shown to change the shape of the developing face.

When Should Your Child See an Orthodontist?

If your child shows any of the following symptoms, then we recommend an evaluation:

  • Hyperactivity
  • ADHD
  • Chronic lethargy or daytime sleepiness
  • Breathing through the mouth instead of the nose
  • Rapid shallow breathing
  • Bedwetting
  • Chronic nighttime restlessness, waking, or nightmares
  • Periods of no breathing or breath-holding while asleep
  • Dozing off during activities in the daytime
  • Poor school performance
  • Obesity

Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you are concerned about your child’s airway health. We’re here to support you and help them breathe easier.