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How long will I need to wear braces?

Our short answer is, “it depends.” Most people wear braces for 1-2 years. After you get them off, we fit you with a special retainer that you wear to ensure you keep your best smile.

I heard there are things I can’t eat with braces on. Is that right?

This really depends on the brand and style of braces you get. You may need to avoid hard and sticky foods so that your braces don’t get damaged. Keep eating your fruits and veggies! Just cut carrots, apples, and similar foods into strips or wedges. With some styles of braces, you’ll never need to worry about how to eat the foods you enjoy!

Will I feel pain?

Mainly, you won’t feel pain at your appointments. After we adjust your braces, your mouth may feel a little sore – usually just for the next 4 or 5 days. The treatments and care we provide help to reduce any pain to a minimum. Check out these video testimonials from young adults just like you, describing what it felt like to them.

Will my new smile make me happy?

We can never promise you happiness, but we know this… Every person we’ve ever taken braces off of – smiles from ear to ear. Some of them shout out with joy and give us a hug. Most of them can’t wait to show their friends. Take a look at these amazing, real-life before and after images and decide for yourself.

before and after orthodontics
before and after braces
braces and invisalign before and after
before and after scl

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