Orthodontic Care for Children and Teens

Paying for Braces – Advice from Our Orthodontist in Kansas City, MO

It’s common for parents to be concerned about the cost of braces or other orthodontic treatment for their child. If your child needs orthodontic care and you are looking for assistance with covering the cost, we’re here to help! Our orthodontist in Kansas City, MO, outlines a few ways to keep your cost down when getting your child the treatment they need.

Braces Options

While there are advanced options such as clear braces and clear aligners, sticking with tried-and-true traditional metal braces can help keep treatment costs down. Metal braces have been used for years because they are effective and have predictable treatment outcomes. Your child can also pick fun bracket and band colors during their orthodontic appointments!

Payment Options

To further cover the cost of braces, you may want to check out the following options:

  • Loans — taking out a low-interest personal loan can help cover the cost of braces. This way, you can work out payments over time that match your budget.
  • Flex spending accounts — this is a plan offered through your employer. These accounts allow you to take out pre-tax income and use it towards medical expenses. 
  • Payment plans — if you aren’t able to get a loan or your employer doesn’t offer a flex spending account, talk with our office to set up a personalized monthly payment plan. Our goal is to help your child get the treatment they need!

Beautiful Treatment Outcomes

If your child needs braces, know that a straight, healthy smile is priceless, and will lead to less orthodontic treatment down the road. Additionally, devices such as palatal expanders that correct misalignment and jaw abnormalities are necessary for proper functioning of the mouth and jaw and should not be put off. We never want anyone to put off necessary treatment due to their financial situation — please let us know so we can help your child get the orthodontic care they need!

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