Orthodontic Care for Children and Teens

Orthodontist in Raymore, MO – What To Expect During A Consultation

Has your child not been to the orthodontist in the while (or is their first visit coming up)? Not sure what to expect? Our orthodontist in Raymore, MO, is here to outline what happens during the consultation — from record-taking, x-rays, and next steps that may be recommended during a custom treatment plan.

Taking Records

Your child deserves the very best orthodontic care — that’s why we go above and beyond to take notes about your child’s condition and keep a detailed record of their orthodontic case. We will take the time to compile any past records you may have and add to them during your consultation. This will help us provide your child with the most accurate, effective treatment plan.

X-Rays & Diagnostics

To make the best treatment recommendations, we will take x-rays to check for any growth abnormalities, orthodontic problems, and cavities. Additionally, our orthodontist will take impressions of your child’s mouth to evaluate the current positioning of the teeth and photographs of the inside and outside of the mouth.

Next Steps

The decision to visit an orthodontist is a great move for your child’s oral and orthodontic health, and we want to support you and provide the best preventive care, braces, and early treatment — or whatever else your child ends up needing! 

If you have any questions during or after your child’s consultation, we are more than happy to answer them. Additionally, if we determine your child is a candidate for early treatment, we’ll make sure that you are fully informed on what their specific case needs are and what to expect during treatment.

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