Orthodontic Care for Children and Teens

Our Culture

(S) SAY hello and greet every guest by name. The most important word in the world to any person is their first name. Use it. In our offices, we build trust and nurture relationships for the mutual benefit of both parties.

(M) MAKE them feel at home. We offer our guests a beverage, take their coat and go out of our way to make our guests feel at home.

(I) INVITE them to share and make a plan for the next step. We want to know how our patients have been, what brings them in today and how we can help them. We make it a point to invite our patients to share with us exactly where they are in the process of transforming their smile: confused, nervous, overwhelmed, ready to get started, still have lots of questions, etc. Our patients tell us exactly what they need from us, because we invite them to share.

(L) LISTEN for and resolve questions or special requests. Patients and their parents have unexpressed wishes or desires – things that are important to them but they might not voice. We listen for the things that are important to the patient and parent. We get to the heart of the matter quickly.

(E) END with a fond farewell and an invitation to return. The last thing people remember about our practice is the send off or farewell. We take this seriously. A patient or parent in our practice might only see us for 30 minutes every 8-12 weeks. Our interaction during that time and particularly at the end of the appointment needs to be special. We never want our patients to leave without a reason to come back and share something exciting about what is going on in their lives.

Dr. Burleson’s VISION for a GREAT Patient Experience

Safety Basics

  • I practice safe behaviors in everything I do.
  • I take action to always put safety first.
  • I speak up to ensure the safety of others.

Courtesy Basics

  • I project a positive image and energy.
  • I am courteous and respectful to patients of all ages.
  • I go above and beyond to exceed patient expectations.

Service Basics

  • I extend a warm greeting to all patients by name.
  • I anticipate the next step for a great patient experience.
  • I offer a fond farewell to all patients and parents.

Efficiency Basics

  • I perform my role efficiently so patients get the most out of their visit.
  • I use my time and resources wisely.
  • I look for new opportunities to add value to the patient experience.