Orthodontic Care for Children and Teens

Burleson Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry is proud to be an award-winning pediatric dental office in Kansas City. As a practice that specializes exclusively in children from infancy to the teenage years, many parents turn to us for advice about treatments that optimize their child’s oral health. 

One frequent question new parents ask us about is infant formula. It’s well known that breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies, offering antibodies that help ward off bacterial and viral infections. But it’s also understood that for some mothers, breastfeeding is not an option due to certain conditions or circumstances. That’s when parents turn to infant formula. 


Infant Formula & Dental Fluorosis

One of the biggest concerns parents have about infant formula is its effect on their child’s teeth enamel. This is specifically known as dental fluorosis. When a child ingests too much fluoride, it can lead to discoloration of the teeth, which manifests itself as faint streaks or white lines on the teeth. Many brands of powdered or liquid concentrate infant formula contain low levels of fluoride, and when mixed with fluoridated tap water, can result in mild dental fluorosis. 

We also tell parents that there is an alternative to powder or liquid concentrate formulas. It’s called ready-to-feed baby formula. There’s no mixing, no measuring, and it contains very little fluoride, thereby eliminating the occurrence of dental fluorosis. 


More Ways to Avoid Dental Fluorosis

Another way to reduce the chance of dental fluorosis is by mixing your liquid concentrate or powder formula with bottled water that contains very low levels of fluoride. These bottled waters are typically designated as purified, distilled, demineralized or de-ionized water.

The final option is to use water that has been created specifically for infant formula. These waters have to adhere to the EPA’s strict standards for tap water and are not sterile. Check the bottle’s label carefully as it should be noted clearly on it. 


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