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When you bring your child in for your Burleson Orthodontics initial exam, complimentary consultation, and digital x-rays, you can choose one of the two books below. Or you can purchase them directly from Amazon by clicking on each book.

don't ask them to hide your smile

Don’t Ask Them to Hide Their Smile: The Parent’s Guide to the New Orthodontics

by Dustin S. Burleson D.D.S.

Why is your child’s smile so important and why do kids need braces? Dr. Dustin Burleson, Speaker, Teacher and Author offers clear explanations to parents on the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. You’ll discover why most orthodontists don’t offer guarantees and why you should think differently, if you want peace of mind. His self-professed “boring little book” about orthodontics can actually save you a lot of money and headaches if you’re searching for the best braces or Invisalign treatment for your son or daughter. Plus, Dr. Burleson covers the timely topics of teen bullying and suicide, more prevalent in today’s society and made far worse by social media.

invisalign book

The Consumer’s Guide to Invisalign®

by Dustin S. Burleson D.D.S.

Whether you are a patient, parent, or dental healthcare professional, The Consumer’s Guide to Invisalign® is your blueprint to achieving a beautiful smile with Invisalign®. Don’t miss this trusted resource!

stop  hiding your smile

Stop Hiding Your Smile! A Parent’s Guide to Confidently Choosing an Orthodontist

by Dustin S. Burleson D.D.S.

Is your child hiding his or her smile? Are you worried about how his or her (crooked) smile might affect his future? If so, speaker, teacher, and author Dr. Dustin Burleson has a message for you and your child: “Stop Hiding Your Smile!” Stop Hiding Your Smile is a guide for parents who are unfamiliar with orthodontics.

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