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3D Scanning & Printing: The Future Is Here

With the lightning-fast evolution of digital technology, what is efficient and state-of-the-art today can become average and obsolete tomorrow. With 3D scanning and printing, the evolution of orthodontic technology in Kansas City has arrived – and it has never been more effective and precise for patients, nor as financially available to orthodontic practices than ever before.

But First, A little History

Back in the nineties, a company called Align Technology introduced an alternative treatment to braces called, appropriately, aligners. The aligners, also known as Invisalign, featured advanced 3D tools that imitated the progress of tooth movement during treatment. While the technology was considered advanced and opened up treatment options, the process was also deemed challenging, costly, and not patient-friendly.

Fast forward: Alien Technology acquires the company that developed the iTero intraoral scanner for use as a diagnostic tool and lab service. Then 3D printing starts to evolve and explode – and boom – those same scans once taken from the iTero machine and sent out to labs, are now used to produce the first in-office aligners. 3D scanning and printing is truly a game-changer, and the world of orthodontics will never be the same.

Talk About Efficiency

With 3D printing readily available today, more and more orthodontic practices are producing their own aligners in-house, saving time and money, reducing human error, and resulting in a more accurate final product. Prior to this, sending files to outside labs for printing took up 2 weeks to process. With 3D scanning and printing in-house, the entire process of producing customized aligners for patients can be accomplished in as little as one day.

3D scanning and printing are here to stay and greatly benefits both patients and orthodontic practices. Burleson Orthodontics is committed to staying at the forefront of technology and takes a consultative approach to guide your decision as to which type of braces makes the most sense for your child or teenager.

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