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what are speed braces in kansas city mo?Many people desire a straighter smile, but treatment options such as traditional braces may be intimidating due to the length of treatment time. It’s true that traditional braces can take 1 to 3 years to fully straighten your teeth, and this may turn some people away. However, there is another treatment option for mild cases—and it’s much faster. If you’re looking to straighten your smile quickly, speed braces might be right for you. What are speed braces in Kansas City, MO? Our orthodontist explains more below. 

What Are Speed Braces?

Speed braces are a type of accelerated orthodontic treatment that are designed to shorten treatment time. Speed braces work similarly to traditional braces and provide quick results without sacrificing quality of treatment. In addition, these types of braces are smaller, don’t require elastics, and are generally not as noticeable as traditional braces.

How They Work

Traditional braces are designed with three components: the bracket, the archwire, and a tie connecting the brackets to the archwire that our orthodontist uses to tighten the braces. With accelerated treatment, the tie is replaced with a mechanism that consistently applies force to the teeth. This method reduces the friction caused by traditional tie tightening, and allows your teeth to move more freely, and therefore more quickly. 

Benefits and Considerations

The benefit of speed braces is that they are much faster than traditional braces and can give you the smile you want in a much shorter time span. Good candidates for accelerated treatment are usually mild to moderate cosmetic cases. Accelerated treatment won’t give you the same results as traditional braces, and individuals with structural problems, such as a misaligned jaw or severe underbite, may not be good candidates. Our orthodontist can evaluate your case and provide more information today! 

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