Incognito™ Hidden Braces in Liberty, MO

Incognito™ Hidden Braces By 3M – Invisibility That Counts

For our young patients who speak or perform in front of a camera or crowd, or simply don’t feel the need to share their cosmetic or overall dental health decisions with others, our Incognito braces in Liberty, MO, offer pristine results that are virtually invisible. In situations where your child needs to show heir best face close-up, the brilliant minds at 3M have created a revolutionary solution in braces.

incognito braces in liberty mo

Incognito™ hidden braces are worn behind the teeth, so the outside world will never know the secret of your child or teen’s eye-catching smile – even as their braces work behind the scenes!

Custom Built with You in Mind

When it comes to state-of-the-art invisibility, Incognito™ shines. In fact, no other 100% customizable technology to perfect smiles exists on the U.S. market today.

Behind the Teeth Braces –
An Intelligent Choice

incognito braces in libertyWith the Incognito™ System, your child will get efficient, effective tooth movement that no one can see. From the outset, 3M engineers the brackets and wires to deliver targeted results. Those who benefit the most from the intelligence behind the Incognito™ system include:


  • Actors
  • Singers

  • Trumpet or wind instrument players
  • Anyone in the public eye

Want to learn more about whether Incognito™ braces in Liberty, MO, are right for your child? Call our office at 816.759.0123 to set up an appointment, request an appointment online, or simply reach out via our online contact form. Burleson Orthodontics is a proud provider of Incognito™ hidden braces in our convenient Kansas City, Liberty, and Raymore, Missouri (MO) orthodontic office locations.

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