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Speed Braces – Why Metal Makes More Sense than Ever!

If you had to wear traditional metal braces yourself as a kid, you probably remember dealing with annoying o-shaped rubber bands called “ligatures” that sprang off at the worst possible times. They tended to gunk up with food as well, making it tough to clean your teeth and gums. Fortunately for your child, those days are gone.

metal braces in missouri

self ligating bracketsToday’s metal speed braces look small, sleek and jewel-like. You’ll sometimes hear people call them “tie-free braces.” Ligation simply means “to bind,” so we sometimes also refer to speed braces as “self-ligating brackets.” This technology allows the braces’ archwire to slide back and forth freely using a “door” to secure it. Goodbye railroad tracks, erratic rubber bands, and painful metal tie wires!

At Burleson Orthodontics, we use In-Ovation self-ligating brackets. These advanced metal or clear ceramic twin brackets use a special built-in clip. Specific kinds of archwire apply pressure to activate this clip, which then delivers just the right amount of pressure to each tooth. Because of that, you’ll notice fast, highly targeted results.

advanced bracketsTake a look at the image to the left. See the round archwire in the bracket’s rectangular slot with the clip resting outside of it? That’s the way it looks early in treatment.

ronwireLater on, like the image to the right, we’ll apply a regular archwire that seats more firmly in the slot and engages the clip more accurately.

pediatric dentistryBut you don’t need to remember these details. Leave the “how” to us. With speed braces, your child will need fewer orthodontic adjustments, leaving more time to do the things they want.

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