Orthodontic Care for Children and Teens

If you’ve been considering taking your children to an orthodontist and need advice, “when should my kids get braces?” might be the question you’re asking. It’s essential to take your kids to the orthodontist as early as possible if you suspect they have abnormal jaw growth or misaligned teeth — early evaluation is the best way to ensure treatment success. Our orthodontist explains more below.

When Should We Start?

We cannot make your decisions, but we strongly recommend you never put off treatment if your child needs it. In doing so, you’ll risk your young one needing extractions or surgery later in life to completely fix their smile. For best results, we recommend that your child has a full evaluation by their seventh birthday. We offer the initial consultation for free, as it is crucial to get expert advice about treatment needs, options, and timing before making this important investment.

Early Treatment

There are many benefits to having an early evaluation. Addressing jaw abnormalities, crooked teeth, or a misaligned bite can prevent dental and skeletal problems. Braces are more effective, and treatment times may be shorter with early intervention. Additionally, teaching children about the importance of proper dental hygiene from a young age aids in preventing tooth decay and can be beneficial for their dental health.

Available Treatments

We will monitor your child’s baby teeth and jaw growth at our office and check their bite for malocclusion. In some cases, your child may need spacers or other orthodontic appliances to make room for incoming teeth. Options we offer for children’s braces include traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and hidden braces.

Contact us today for a consultation. Our team will explain things clearly, using kid-friendly language, and make sure that your visit is welcoming and fun.


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