Orthodontic Care for Children and Teens

Many people are hesitant to schedule a consultation for braces due to the perceived cost. While it’s true that braces can be costly, they are also a necessary investment for your child’s dental health. But why are braces so expensive? There are a few factors — our orthodontist explains below.

Length of Time

Since our orthodontist has to move the teeth slowly to maintain dental health, your child may be in braces for one to three years. Treatment times are customized as well, so more complicated cases can take longer to correct. This includes other appliances that may be necessary, such as spacers and palatal expanders.

Your child will usually visit our office every 1-2 months for braces, rubber band adjustments, and any necessary maintenance. If your child sticks to the rules of braces (avoiding certain foods; wearing rubber bands as instructed), treatment times can be shorter, avoiding costly repairs in the long run.

Elaborate Mechanisms

The wires and brackets in traditional braces are complex mechanisms. The intricate details of these mechanisms exert just the right amount of pressure on the teeth to gradually move them into their ideal positions without damaging the teeth. High-quality materials can also increase the price and impact the overall result of your child’s orthodontic treatment.

Brackets and wires aren’t the only material to consider when choosing braces. The supplies used in our orthodontist’s office need to be cleaned and sterilized after each use — this ensures that every visit is sanitized and clean for you.

The Burleson Difference

In addition to high-quality materials, Burleson Orthodontics offers evening & weekend appointments, 24/7 emergency access, a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, and the convenience of multiple orthodontic offices. We also have access to the newest cutting-edge technology and devices in our offices, including:

  • Digital radiography
  • UV-sanitized air
  • iTero 3D scanner
  • Customized braces & aligners
  • Diode laser dentistry
  • Having the most modern treatment options, extended hours, and multiple offices are part of the cost of braces, but they are essential to receiving the highest quality care in the industry. Dr. Burleson offers nothing less than 5-star treatment when you bring your child to our office.

We do understand that cost can be an obstacle, so we will work with your family on convenient payment options if necessary. Contact our friendly office today to learn more.


Why Are Braces So Expensive? Let Us Help!